JULY 20, 2015

From the Gold Coast to the Far East
A Collaborative Cultural Exhibition between China and Ghana

In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations and to promote cross-cultural exchange
Venue: United Nations Headquarters, New York,1St Floor, Curved Wall, Conference Building


Good Evening,

Before I delve into this book, allow me to thank His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Science and Technology of Ghana Mr. Mahama Ayariga, the Deputy Ambassador Mr. Philbert Johnson and Counsul General Mr. Quantson of the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, Mr. Andy Lin and Juliana Stark and associates of UNCG- my co-organizers, Representatives of the permanent mission and embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Ghanaian Art exhibitors- TAFA , Tetteh Tawiah, Atsu Dey, John Oko Nyaku, Nana Ama Bensti-Enchill and Kwabena Ofosu-Ware ( of kwabscouture) , Chinese Art exhibitor Prof. Sui, Mr. Uwaifo Aromose of Barinu Institute for Economic Development, China Yinlian Investment Guarantee Limited, China Tibet Technology and Economic Development Association, very distinguished guests of honor, ladies and gentlemen; it is an honor to be here this evening to launch this book.

Thank you for your warm welcome and attention.“Home foreclosures stands at approximately 1 in 92 households in the United States”. Working independently as a Housing Counselor afforded me the opportunity to provide housing counseling to over one thousand homeowners. Because of the great recession in 2008/2009, many homeowners went through financial struggle either because of outright unemployment or underemployment, divorce, sickness, disability, business failure, incarceration or any other problem you may think of that causes financial difficulties. My agency, Investigroup  assisted in bringing these homeowners out of foreclosure and then I felt the need to dig a little deeper into the effects on the bodies of these homeowners as I carefully listened to their innocent stories.

 This book -LIVED EXPERIENCES OF HOME FORECLOSURES CONSEQUENCES ON MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH  provides a great account of the phenomenon of living through this unfortunate situation and a huge successful guide to all homeowners and tenants regardless of your situation, to understand and apply the mitigation strategies.

There is a great account of what happens to the body when a homeowner goes through the home foreclosure process, with its effects on virtually everything associated with the homeowner and his/her environment.

25 struggling homeowners going through the process of home foreclosures were selected, interviewed and analyzed to arrive at the results, conclusions and recommendations to make it useful for all homeowners and tenants.

Four core themes developed from my interviews :

  • Theme 1: Foreclosure and lack of health insurance- associated with Family Health and Foreclosure Process
  • Theme 2: Foreclosure Process Resulting In Hospitalization of Family – also associated with Foreclosure and negligence of doctor’s prescriptions
  • Theme 3: Foreclosure as Perceived Loss of Money and Ownership and
  • Theme 4: Displacement and Housing Instability as a Reason for Depression

Every homeowner or tenant may need to get a copy to understand the effects of home foreclosures on the body, understand the duties, obligations and responsibilities of all stakeholders including the federal and state government, mortgage lenders, professionals including Attorneys, Court Officers and Housing Counselor, homeowners and tenants; and the mitigation strategies to totally avoid home foreclosures. Evidence is abundant that not only does it affect the homeowner but it goes on to affect their families, tenants, the neighborhood and a ripple effect on the economic and financial systems of the country. By implication, arming yourself with the strategies outlined in the book is an informed investment. I invite you to ask me lots of questions here at the signing desk or just visit any bookstore, Google play or the App store online for your copy. Remember to post a positive review as well as your recommendations for future editions. Enjoy your evening here and God bless you