Who We Are

Dr. Owusu Atuahene Kizito
Dr. Kizito has a track record of being a dynamic, results-driven professional. He has more than fifteen years of experience in consulting, banking, financial analysis, project management, and process improvement. In addition, he has an extensive background as analytic expert regarding the calculus of decision-making, and problem solving. Dr. Kizitoʼs skill set is magnified by his ability and by his ingenuity in the manner in which he effectively chooses and manages the professionals who work on his consulting teams. His primary engagements have center on the development and implementation of financial management systems and upgrades. This has been accomplished using a proven set of methods which are based on a systematic change process that is both constrained by and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations that apply to his clients’ varied situations. He has thus established an enviable track record of successfully designing solutions to difficult engagements and then coordinating their implementation. As a result he has been credited with creating, as well as maintaining, lucrative client relationships, and boosting the sales and profitability of his company. Dr. Kizito is an active member of several dignified professional organizations. Highly credentialed and certified, Dr. Kizito has a Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix, USA, certified on Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Harvard University USA, M.B.A., Finance and Management from Hawaii Pacific University, USA, B.Sc., Agriculture Economics, University of Science and Technology, Ghana, Webmaster certification, Scheidegger Training, Business Administration and Computer Skills, Luton – London, UK, IRS Enrolled Agent Credential (License) as a Tax Expert – USA, and several financial services certifications as a finance expert, USA.
Dr. G. Dennis O’Brien
Director and Consultant Dr. O’Brien was one of the most influential executives in the founding and development of the econometrics and applied economics industry throughout the world. He was a founding executive of Data Resources Inc. (DRI) out of Harvard in 1970 which dominated economic analysis even since its creation. He acquired Wharton Econometrics from the University of Pennsylvania and developed it into the viable commercial enterprise it is today. He co-founded Dunn & Bradstreet Technical Economic Services which transformed the collection and analysis of industrial information throughout the world. He started the Faneuil Group in Boston which revolutionized target marketing for the financial and telecommunications industry. Today he is in the process of transforming some of the largest information companies in China into modern information powerhouses.An entrepreneur with six successful startups to his credit, Dr. O’Brien has also served as a senior executive at some of the world’s leading information companies. He is experienced in structuring complex financial transactions, having been involved in the acquisition or divestiture of more than four dozen information companies. He also is a professional economist with a wide range of knowledge in industrial economics and microeconomics. Over the course of his career Dr. O’Brien has developed an expertise in the development and application of quantitative models for use in industrial analysis and finance.Dr. O’Briens’ academic studies include a Ph D.P.A. Political Economics, State University of New York, M.P.A. Political Economics, State University of New York, M.A. Economics, Fordham University and a B.A. Economics, Manhattan College.
Charles Nimmo Ntiamoah-Mensah, MSc
Mr. Ntiamoah-Mensah has worked for several leading international academic Publishers with over ten years of progressive experience in media consultancy, publicity, and photojournalism, marketing and sales management. In his capacity as a conference manager, he was afforded opportunities to travel to conferences and trade shows across the United States and exposed him to areas in Publicity, Marketing and Sales.Mr. Charles Nimmo Ntiamoah-Mensah graduated from Thames Valley University, London, UK in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Management. He proceeded to complete his Master of Science degree in Publication Management from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 2000.Mr. Ntiamoah-Mensah is currently the Media and Public Relations Consultant at Investigroup.
Ramseyer H. Awuku, Esq.
Mr. Ramseyer Awuku has been an accomplished lawyer and consultant with close to twenty years of progressive experience in Law, Management, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and Publishing. In his capacity as a corporate attorney, Lawyer Awuku provides analysis and counsel on legal, policy and environmental issues that included proposals on new products, protecting intellectual properties, mergers and acquisitions, financial offerings, financial structuring, securities offerings, compliance issues for pre – IPO company, ESOP transactions, business strategic planning, outsourcing agreements, no compete and non disclosure agreements. Mr. Awuku develops and recommends company policy and position on legal issues, as well as an avid writer and editor of reports, opinions, correspondence, articles and other documents. As a corporate attorney, Lawyer Awuku write and administer complex vendor, client and employment contracts including the development and recommendation of operating policy and procedural improvements. Mr. Awuku is an exceptional communicator with excellent communication, anger management and problem solving skills.Mr. Awuku is a member of the New York Bar and Ghana Bar Associations and a foreclosure and loan modification counselor at Investigroup.
Mr Gyan is professionally qualified as a Sales and Marketing Consultant with a solid track record of over 20 years’ experience in business management, product development and customer acquisition. As a team player, he develops and executes strategic business and operational plans to advance the company’s mission, objectives, revenue growth and profitability. With a positive mental attitude, excellent peoples skills, integrity and ethical standard, Mr. Gyan aims for the best benchmarks in business ethics to reassure clients and improve business profitability in a win-win scenario. Mr. Gyan holds a degree from American Inter-Continental University.
DrMehulPatelMD Dr. Mehul Patel MD
Dr Patel is an ivy league graduate and trained medical doctor as well as a Harvard Research Fellow. He completed his training in New York and is an internationally certified in health, fitness, and nutrition specialist. Dedicating his life to health and education while making care affordable and accessible through technology is an interest of his. Currently he serves as CAAAN Advisor and Board Member and stock holder for Investigroup . He is also member of the prestigious Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce. He is the CEO and founder of Prixcel Consulting as well as Co-founder and COO of www.tebnb.com. He is also the founder and CEO of the start up www.wellnessbrigade.com and Zenadon: both are online health wellness and education platforms. Currently he has authored and will soon publish his book on Binaural Entrainment for Fitness and Self-improvement. He is happily married to Dr Priya Patel Pharmd/JD and has two lovely boys Sheel and Shoor.
Dr-Priya Dr Priya Patel PharmD/JD
Dr Priya Patel is a pharmacist as well as a lawyer that has 15 years of experience as a Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Rutgers, The State University of NewJersey, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and her Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of law. She has received numerous honors and awards while graduating top three percent of her class. She has also received the highly coveted award for practicing Health Law. She regularly makes presentations in the pharma industry regarding regulations. She has dedicated her service to improve patient adherence , delivering quality care and increasing efficiency in the work place . She is offering strong technical capabilities and broad-based background in pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and pharmacy regulations. She is part of numerous associations including the APA. Currently she is a share holder and board of director for Investigroup, focusing her skills on helping oversee infrastructure development related projects in Africa and abroad.