Business Analyst

This position targets individuals who have just graduated from college or have worked for 1-2 years after graduation, as well as individuals that have completed a Masters program directly from or shortly after completing their undergraduate degree. These individuals must have achieved outstanding performance during their study.

A business analyst is dedicated full-time to a project team, solves practical problems, and works closely with the client at the client’s site; therefore he/she will soon be able to acquaint himself/herself with all aspects of management and leadership.

Applicants with a wide range of background and experience are welcome to join Investigroup as a business analyst. Candidates must have distinct academic records, good leadership skills, and be more mature than their contemporaries. We are looking for smart, innovative people with a thirst for knowledge because we believe that these types of candidates learn quickly and adapt readily to new jobs.

Applicants for the position of Business Analyst must demonstrate interest and experience in finance; for example, the applicant has interned for an investment bank or majored in economics, finance, or business.

Your first job will be a clearly defined analysis-related task with explicit end products. As your skills improve and your confidence increases, you will be assigned to handle more complicated cases. With time you will develop a comprehensive problem solving ability.

Please note that the application materials you submit are only for Investigroup. mail resume to, 1282 Liberty Avenue Hillside, NJ 07205 Attn: HRM


Prepare reports that include the degree of risk involved in extending credit by financial institutions and the modification of mortgage loans by banks and mortgage companies.

Evaluate customer records and recommend payment plans based on earnings, savings data, payment history, and purchase activity.

Confer with credit association and other business representatives to exchange credit information.

Complete loan applications, including credit analyses and summaries of loan requests, and submit to loan committees for approval.

Generate financial ratios, using computer programs, to evaluate customers’ financial status.

Review individual or commercial customer files to identify and select delinquent accounts for collection.

Compare liquidity, profitability, and credit histories of establishments being evaluated with those of similar establishments in the same industries and geographic locations.

Consult with customers to resolve complaints and verify financial and credit transactions.

Analyze financial data such as income growth, quality of management, and market share to determine expected profitability of loans.

Qualification: Master’s degree in Business or Finance with at least 2 year of experience in the business or financial industry.

Call Center Customer Service Representative

Answer phones to respond to orders, general customer inquiries, invoice questions, and customer complaints. Project a professional company image through phone interaction.


  1. Answer phones and respond to customer requests.
  2. Sell product and place customer orders in computer system.
  3. Provide customers with product and service information.
  4. Up sell products and services.
  5. Transfer customer calls to appropriate staff.
  6. Identify, research, and resolve customer issues using the computer system.
  7. Follow-up on customer inquires not immediately resolved.
  8. Complete call logs and reports.
  9. Research billing issues.
  10. Research misapplied payments.
  11. Recognize, document and alert the supervisor of trends in customer calls.
  12. Recommend process improvements.
  13. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Provide on-the-job training for new employees.
  2. Generate customer thank you letters.


  1. Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required. This is normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Computer literate with the ability to learn customer service software applications. Duties require professional verbal and written communication skills and the ability to type 30 wpm. This is normally acquired through one to three years of office experience.


Attention: All Applicants

Working conditions are normal for an office environment. Email resume to, or write to us at 1282 Liberty Avenue Hillside, NJ 07205 Attn: HRM