Investigroup VIP Program

How to Join The VIP Customer Loyalty Free Giftcard Program

1. As a valuable client, you become a VIP customer by filling a form to apply and work with one of our sales staff in charge of your account. Please ask your sales person or front desk for the application form.

2. The VIP customer will gain 100 points for a service worth at least $3,000 in service fee paid to Investigroup by introducing a new customer. If the same VIP customer brings 3 new customers, he/she gains bonus points of 100, bringing total points to 400.

3. Every point is worth $1 and redeemable for Investigroup’s services. you can view all our services below or visit us online at and

4. For your protection and security, please follow the instructions from your sales person nad register/sign up online to view your flex gift points real-time with your chosen username and password.

Overview of Investigroup’s Flex Gift Card Policies

1. Gift card program designed to appreciate our customer’s loyalty to Investigroup companies.

2. System is built electronically and powered by flex gift for ease of use and tracking for redemption.

3. Program is built on points system.

4. Every point is worth $1.

5. Some points may be redeemable for cash upon approval by Management if client has exhausted service usage.

6. Points are redeemable for the following services from Investigroup:

  • Business Management Consulting Services(Business Registration, Strategy and Operations management)
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Financial Advisory Services(Insurance, Investments, Retirement)
  • IRS Representation(Any and all business and personal tax issues)
  • Non profit 501 c 3 status applications
  • Credit Advisory(Credit Building & Repair)
  • Business Credit Building
  • Loan Modification